24 April 2010

Warli Art -

Decoration for my very own WEDDING!! Warli Art

28 September 2009

Had to take the volvo today. Some bloody so called self-confessed hi-fi lady gets in with a friend. She takes the seat across me, crosses her leg prevents the guy sitting in front of her to sit properly. Poor guy doesn't say anything. If this wasn't enough, she has the audacity to infringe on my sitting space and touch my leg with her sandal( i'd rather say kick!). This happens a couple of times, and I point her to it and say not acceptable...She mutters a hardly heard sorry and tells her friend loudly, "lets get down" (they were 2 stops away from their actual stop!). Man what @#$@#$~
This lady comes on my bus. She has a fixed routine... Get into the bus, sit in the second row, no matter what. Drink water. Take out headphones and plug into music. Remove a dupatta drape it on the head. This is not all, do the reverse when just about to get down. I aint kidding, its the same process morning or evening!
The other day I was waiting at my stop for the ITPL bus and a few feet away were some school students. One girl especially caught my eye. I saw her feed some stray dogs. That was such a humane gesture. Made me think, (though I would never feed even a domestic dog!) as to what a sweet gesture that was.